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Summer is here and it’s time to get those bathing suits on and jump in! Nothing feels better than a cold dip in a pool on a hot summer’s day. Just remember to protect your eyes when you are splashing away.

Swimming pools are great for cooling off; however they are not the best thing around for your eyes. Remember when you were a child and you opened your eyes underwater? Afterwards you felt a stinging/burning sensation in your eyes due to all the harsh cleaning chemicals that are put in the water. The smell that you sense is not the chlorine itself but actually the chlorine reacting with dirt, urine, oils ,etc…can you imagine all this in your eye? It’s never good to put anything in your eye that doesn’t belong there, this is why we recommended wearing a pair of fitted goggles if you plan on dunking your head in (especially children).

Some people wearing contact lenses when they go swimming which sounds like a right idea however wearing contact lenses when swimming is NOT a good idea at all! There are a lot of microorganisms that thrive in swimming pool water; the chlorine kills most but not all. There isn’t much to worry about when you are swimming without contact lenses however if you do wear them you basically create a pocket between your lens and cornea which is a perfect place for this microorganisms to start duplicating. This can cause dangerous eye infections and in some cases permanent blindness. This goes to any type of swimming, whether it’s in a pool, lake, sea or ocean it is never a good idea to wearing contact lenses while swimming.

Be safe this summer and wear goggles!

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