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Why you shouldn’t buy glasses online

In today’s modern world online shopping has taken the markets, it’s easy to access, it’s fast, affordable, and convenient and it’s all available at a click of a mouse in the comfort of your own home. So when we’re talking about purchasing prescription glasses online, is it really worth it?

With over 10 years of experience in the Optical industry our answer is absolutely not. Why not? First of all glasses are a medical device, In north America to dispense eyewear you must go through an intensive Optical science program, to become a licensed Optician to be able to produce, measure and dispense prescription eye wear. Because glasses have a significant role in eye health, prescription eyewear is regulated. When an Optician helps you choose a frame it’s not all about if it looks good on you or not, it’s also about how your prescription is in respect with your frame selection and face shape. Many are unaware of how prescription, shapes, faces, colors can affect vision that’s why we’re here to help and educate our patients.

When you shop online you aren’t able to try on frames nor can an expert tell you if it’s the right choice for you. Therefore in many cases, the glasses do not fit the patient properly and cause tons of discomfort, poor vision and overall hassle that could have been avoided In the first place. Another fact is that there are thousands of different lenses that fit specific needs for different patients, without the knowledge of a licensed optician by your side many take on the role and select incorrect lenses to match their prescription/ optical needs. The outcome of making optic decisions without the knowledge of a professional results in faulty glasses causing fatigue, “eye pulling” sensation and nausea. According to a recent study on buying glasses online done by the American Optometric Association (AOA) Conducted with the Optical Laboratories Association and The Vision Council, “the study discovered an alarming rate of problems with prescription compliance and impact resistance. Nearly half of the eyeglasses (44.8 percent) had incorrect prescriptions or safety issues.” Not to mention that the process of shipping, returns, warranty and customer service is questionable. What if you have got health insurance, most online retailers do not accept insurance. There has even been a time when a patient has ordered glasses online and never received them; you don’t know who you’re doing business with. When it comes to health, don’t you want the best healthcare providers possible?

At A to Z Optical we got you covered from A to Z, we’ve got prices that range from low to high, in house frames to designer brands, basic lenses to special lenses and our service is always at its best. Our patients are always welcome to come back years after purchase for free adjustments, cleaning and tune ups!

We are here at your service for Eye care and eyewear!

Check out these websites for more information about purchasing glasses online:

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